Bible Hill Village Centre Plan

Bible Hill Village Centre Plan

Bible Hill Master Plan

Establishing a community visions is an important part of Planning. Unfortunately, visions often do not translate well into land use by-laws and the expectation can be lost in the implementation.

The Bible Hill Master Plan has identified a community vision for a large block of undeveloped land in the Village and set standars to ensure its implementation. The attached above map and report clearly articulates the vision.

  • This part of Bible Hill is to become a focal point of the community.
  • It will connect Pictou to Farnham Road and extend to a new interchange on Highway # 104.
  • New commercial development will cluster together to form a shopping area that is more traditional in form with buildings close to the street, with communal access and parking to the rear. This area will have a more urban level of finish with curbing, sidewalks, street trees and furniture.
  • Attention should be given to green and sustainable development. Storm water will be managed with Farnham Brook in mind. Participants were prepared to support higher density development to retain more open space within the project.
  • Good development of this land will support the development of AgriTech Park next door.

For more information on the Bible Hill Master Plan, contact Crawford Macpherson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..