The Municipality of the County of Colchester Information Statement on Kennel Development

31 August 2018

At its public meeting of 30 August 2018, Colchester Council rejected a proposed by-law on kennel development by unanimously supporting the Motion:

“That this Second Reading be defeated and the matter referred to the Planning Advisory Committee with a three to five month time period to return to Council with a recommended by-law on this matter that covers the entire Municipality.”

Council’s decision means no moratorium or ban on kennel development in Colchester County.  The proposed interim bylaw is defeated and off the table.  The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) will take a fresh look at land-use planning to enable kennel and related business development that best fits all Colchester communities, the environment, and the well-being of animals.  This work will be done with public and stakeholder participation leading to a recommendation for Council to discuss and decide on. 

The Planning Advisory Committee is a Standing Committee of the Municipality made up of four members from Council and four community volunteers.  All PAC meetings are open to the public and minutes from those meetings are posted on the Colchester website.  Information on all upcoming PAC meetings to consider kennel development, including participation opportunities, will be posted at least one week before the meeting on the Colchester website:


Thank you for engagement in this important collaborative work. 

Mayor Christine Blair




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