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Materials Banned from Landfills in Nova Scotia

Schedule "B" Solid Waste - Resource Management Regulations

Valuable resources that can be recycled or composted into new useful products are no longer accepted for disposal as waste in Nova Scotia. These include: Check out this link

Designated MaterialsImplementation Date
Beverage Containers April 1, 1996
Corrugated Cardboard April 1, 1996
Newsprint April 1, 1996
Used Tires April 1, 1996
Lead-acid (automotive) Batteries April 1, 1996
Leaf and Yard Waste April 1, 1996
Post-Consumer Paint Products, (known as waste paint) April 1, 1997
Ethylene Glycol (automotive antifreeze) April 1, 1997
Compostable Organic Material June 1, 1997
Steel/Tin Food Containers April 1, 1998
Glass Food Containers April 1, 1998
Low-density Polyethylene Bags and Packaging April 1, 1998
High-density Polyethylene Bags and Packaging April 1, 1998

Electronics - Televisions, Computers and Computer Accessories, Printers

February 1, 2008

Recycling and Composting is the Law! The Solid Waste-Resource Management Strategy, released in 1995, has helped Nova Scotians reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills by 50%.
Waste Reduction Helpline at 902-895-4777

Solid Waste - Asbestos

Please contact GroundFix Remediation Services at 902-396-6974 for more information on the disposal of asbestos.

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