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Aenon Baptist Cemetery, North River

Aenon Baptist CemeteryThe cemeteryAenon Baptist Cemetery is located approximately eight miles from Truro on Highway 311.  Many of the monuments date back to 1862. The Aenon Baptist Cemetery in Central North River was incorporated on April 14th, 1954.  It is governed by a Board of Directors.  The Aenon Baptist Church was located on the property along with the cemetery, but was demolished in 2012. There are two survey plans available for this property. To view them, please click pdf here (90 KB) .

Cemetery for the Colchester County Home (1908 - 1950), North River

homepic smThis burial site is memorial smlocated on private property on what were the lands of the former Colchester County Poor Asylum and Farm in North River. This government-run facility opened in 1908 and closed down when it burned in 1954. The site is most easily accessed off of Dickson Drive. There is one stone marker there that shows the location of the site although there are no individual grave makers remaining.

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Bible Hill Cemetery, 41 Warren Drive, Bible Hill

This cemetery was opened in 1974 in the Village of Bible Hill. The Bible Hill Cemetery Company are the owners of this property and oversee the running of it as of June, 1992.


Crossroads Cemetery, Valley

Valley Crossroads CemeteryWhat is currentlyValley Crossroads Cemetery known as Crossroads Cemetery in Valley began as a burial ground in 1859 and has been used since then. The cemetery was incorporated in 1874 and additional land was bought from John Cristie. The cemetery was named Cross-Roads Salmon River Cemetery in 1886 (Wright, 1950's). The cemetery is in 2 sections to the back of the church (Valley United Church) is the older section of graves and to the left are the newer graves.

Hilden Cemetery

Hilden CemeteryIn 1901, an acre of land was purchased from Mr. Scott Johnston for $75.00, in order to create a cemetery in Hilden. It was not until 1904 that the first burial took place.

McLeod Cemetery, Central North River

It was constructed on Bill Mathewson's property.  The oldest gravestone dates back to 1824 and marks the grave of Jane Sutherland.


Aenon Baptist Church, North River

Aenon Baptist ChurchThe Aenon Baptist Church at North River was founded in 1865; the Aenon Chapel Meeting House was built 10 years before.There are two survey plans available for this property. To view them, please click pdf here (90 KB) .


Anglican Christ Church, Clifton

Clifton Anglican Christ ChurchChrist Church Clifton Christ Church Cemetery(Anglican) was under construction in 1853, completed in 1856 and consecrated in September 1858. The church was demolished after 1977 and today, the churches cemetery is all that remains on site.

Belmont United Baptist Church

Belmont United Baptist ChurchFounded in 1887, Belmont United Baptist ChurchEvangelical services were begun here in 1878 through the outreach of Onslow Baptists.  The present church was erected in 1908 after the previous one was destroyed by fire three years earlier on August 19, 1905.  There was some activity by Baptists in this community prior to 1873 when it was still known as Chiganois, but the church was not erected until 1880 as a result of missionary activity by Onslow Baptists.

Clifton Presbyterian Meetinghouse

Former Clifton MeetinghouseBuilt in 1832, the meetinghouse was the first Presbyterian Meetinghouse to be built in the Clifton area. In 1860, the people of this church formed the Clifton congregation. The Old Clifton Cemetery and a plaque remain on the site of this meetinghouse.

Green Oaks Calvary Union (Later United Church)

Calvary Union ChurchThis church servedCalvary Union Church Cemetery the people of Green Oaks from 1856 unitl 1960. Today, in memory of the church a monument has been erected on the former church site surrounded by the Old Green Oaks Cemetery.

Hilden United Church

Hilden United Church, 1926TheHilden United Church lone church in Hilden is the Hilden United Church, which was built in 1924 on the site of the former Church Hall. A new United Church Hall was built beside the church and dedicated in February 1966.  

Knox Presbyterian Church, Belmont

Knox Presbyterian ChurchIn January 1898, a new Presbyterian church was opened and dedicated about a mile from Belmont station. This Knox Presbyterian church remained in use for forty years until 1938. Today a monument to the church is all that remains on the former church site.

Lower Onslow United Church

Lower Onslow United ChurchThe Presbyterians at Lower Onslow worshiped in a hall until it burned down in January 1950.  Their new church was dedicated on May 5, 1951. Today, what was the Lower Onslow United Church is now the Lower Onslow Community Hall.

East Onslow Baptist Church

On September 5th, 1791, Rev. John Payzant was called from Cornwallis to organize a church at Onslow.  It was not until September 11, 1814 that they called themselves ‘The Baptist Church of Onslow’.  In 1868, the North River section was recognized as the East Onslow Church. In 1874, Rev. Marche became pastor of the East Onslow Church.

West Onslow Baptist Church

The first pastor of the church was Rev. Samuel Thompson.  During his ministry, the church resolved to erect a new house of worship.  The old union house had become unfit for use and the Presbyterians had resolved to build a house for themselves exclusively.  Agreeable to both denominations, the Presbyterians retained the old site, giving the Baptists the old building, the foundation stone and $80 in cash.  Before the completion of the building, Pastor Thompson tendered his resignation.

In 1872, Rev. John Coombs was called.  He only remained with them for a year.  For a time, the church was without a pastor.  However, the work on the new building steadily went on to its completion.  It was formally opened on the 9th day of November 1873.  Rev. John Goucher preached the dedicatory sermon in the morning, Rev. David McKeen preached in the afternoon and Rev. M. P. Freeman in the evening. (J. T. Dimock)St. David's United Church, Bible Hill

St. David’s United Church, Pictou Road, Bible Hill

St. David's United ChurchSt. David's United Church on Pictou Road, oficially opened on July 11, 1948. It was originally called the Pictou Road United Church, but eventually became too small. The new St. David's sanctuary was constructed in 1959 and dedicated on June 26, 1960. The original church became the Church Hall.St. David's Church and Hall

St. George's Anglican Church, Pictou Road, Bible Hill

St. George's ChurchSt. George’s St. George's ChurchAnglican Church was dedicated late in April, 1962. A desconsecration service was held on July 19, 2009 to officially close it. The church was sold in September 2009 and is now the Shepherd's Heart Prayer Centre, associated with the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada.

Abundant Life Victory Church, Dunromin Avenue, Bible Hill

AbundantLifeThis church was constructed in 1990 and dedicated on Sunday, November 18, 1990. It is affiiated with Victory Churches International

Cornerstone Assembly, Cornerstone Drive, Valley

CornerstoneThis church was constructed in 2004 and is associated with The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

Crossroads Baptist Church, Old Pictou Road, Valley

CrossRoadsThis church belongs to The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches.

Christ Church (Anglican), Clifton

ChristChurchAnglicanThis church was opened in 1858. Its last service was held on July 26, 2009.

Valley United Church, Salmon River Road, Valley

ValleyUnitedThis church first opened in 1856, with a highlight being a stained glass wall. It is part of the Coldstream Pastoral Charge, as is the Greenfield United Church. It was originally named the Union Church, then the Centre Church and finally Valley United Church in 1925.

Greenfield United Church, Greenfield Road, Greenfield

GreenfieldUnitedThis church was built in 1889 and was officially dedicated that October. It was originally a Presbyerian Congregation as the United Church of Canada didn't exist until 1925. It was part of the Coldstream Pastoral Charge and was closed in 2019. It is now privately owned.

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, McClures Mills

St. Paul's Presbyterian ChurchSt. Paul’s Presbyterian Church was built in 1954.

Wesley United Church, Belmont

Wesley United ChurchThe present church in Belmont was formally opened on December 5, 1897, during the ministry of Rev. R. B. Mack.  With Onslow and Lower Onslow, Wesley United Church of Belmont is currently part of a three-point pastoral charge officially known as “Onslow-Belmont”. The Church was decommisioned after December 2009, and as of June 2010 the church was for sale.

Beaver Brook

A Presbyterian church was begun in 1832 and completed about 1850.  It was used until 1880 when it was sold and torn down.  The United Baptist Church was opened on May 6, 1894.


A Presbyterian church was built in 1846. In October, 1854, a Methodist chapel was opened at “Shigonish, eight miles from Truro”.


A Presbyterian (later United church),  was opened on March 7, 1869.  It burned down on December 22, 1935 and a new United church was dedicated on December 6, 1936.


The Baptist church was built in 1878.  A Presbyterian church was also erected in 1878, but it burned down on March 21, 1880.  The frame of the new church was erected and boarded in by June 26, 1880, and the building was opened on October 31.  The village also had a Gospel Hall in 1967.

East Folly Mountain

The interior of a new Methodist church was completed by October 1882, but in October, 1886, a tea meeting was held in the new Methodist church at East Folleigh Mountain to get money to complete the building.

East Mountain

A Methodist church was erected and dedicated in 1870.  A Baptist church was built about the same time.

Green Oaks

The Presbyterian church was begun in 1858.


The frame of a Presbyterian church was erected by May 14, 1881 and the building was completed, on the outside, by October 29 of that year.


A new Presbyterian church was opened on December 30, 1888.  The Anglican church of the Ascension was consecrated on May 23, 1895.


A Presbyterian meetinghouse was built here before 1841.  On May 13, 1877 the Baptist meetinghouse was opened.

North River

A Methodist chapel was begun in June, and completed by September 6, 1855.  A new church was begun on April 17, and opened on December 17, 1882.  A Presbyterian church was built about 1861 at “North River of Onslow”.  A new Presbyterian church at Upper North River was opened on October 27, 1895.  A Presbyterian church at “West Branch North River” burned on May 11, 1896 and the new building, which replaced it, was opened on June 13, 1897.

Old Barns

A Presbyterian meeting house may have been built here around 1830.


The Onslow Meetinghouse was framed about 1768 or 1769.  A new meetinghouse, which was used by Presbyterians and Baptists, was erected at Central Onslow in 1780 and completed in 1812.  In 1871 it was torn down and on September 8, 1872 a new Presbyterian church was opened on the same site.  This building burned down on November 18, 1900 and a new church was opened on March 9, 1902. 

Another Presbyterian church was opened in Onslow on December 23, 1897.  In 1872-73 the Baptists built a new church across the road from the new Presbyterian church.  It was sold in 1920 and later torn down.  A Union Church was erected in 1855 between Salmon River and Onslow Mountain.


A new Presbyterian church was dedicated at Princeport on November 21, 1915.

Valley Station

Valley Union Church, later the Coldstream United Church, was built in June of 1856 and is part of the Coldstream Pastoral Charge.

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