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Bell Gift Cemetery, West New Annan

Bell Gift CemeteryIt was established on December 28, 1877.  The cemetery plot measures 16 rods by 20 rods (approximately 264 by 330 feet). Bell Gift CemeteryThe cemetery plot was a gift from the Bell family.  The cemetery surrounded the original church, which has since been removed from the site. The current church was built in 1890.  The earliest grave in the cemetery dates back to 1877.

Buckler-MacBurnie Cemetery (Private), Brule Shore

img1 SMThis cemeteryimg2 SM is on private property and is located on the Brule Shore Road. It is most easily accessed off of a private road called Burrell Lane. There is a stone bearing the cemetery name at the entrance way to the cemetery and records indicate that it was established in 1811. William H. Buckler and his wife Grizella are buried there. Grizella's parents, Robert and Mary (Mattatal) MacBurnie are also buried there. Click pdf here (203 KB)  to view a map. For more information please contact:
The Buckler MacBurnie Cemetery
P.O. Box 148
Tatamagouche, NS
B0K 1V0

Earltown Village Cemetery

Earltown Village CemeteryEarltown Village CemeteryEarltown Village CemeteryThis district of land was laid out by Alexander Miller, a Government Surveyor in 1817.  This village was given its name in honour of the Earl of Dalhousie who was a Governor of Nova Scotia at the time.  In 1824, sickness struck the home of John Sutherland and his wife, Ephemia Graham and claimed the life of their five year old son, William.  As there was no cemetery in the Earltown area at that time, several men in the community went in search of a proper burial ground.  Having traveled across the land for many hours, the men grew tired and stopped for a rest.  After resting, one of the men proclaimed that if he had it his way, they would bury the boy here.  All of the men agreed that it was a suitable place and to this day William's plot remains the center of the Earltown Cemetery.  (MacDonald, 1959) . Please click on this link: for more information on cemeteries in the Earltown area.

MacKenzie Cemetery, Earltown

MacKenzie CemeteryThe MacKenzie CMacKenzie Cemeteryemetery site was set aside in 1813 following a survey by Alexander Miller.  It was located off the gravel road leading into the George MacKenzie farm.  The burial ground was consecrated in 1822, even before a church was built.  The oldest grave is that of Ellen MacLeod who died in 1825.

Tatamagouche Mountain Cemetery 

Tatamagouche Mountain CemeteryLocated on Old Tatamagouche Road North this cemetery dates back to the early 1800’s. Originally, a private burial ground the property was bought from Hiram Downing by the community in January 1849. Between 1849 and 1985, 225 burials took place. As of 2009, some 350 burials have been listed.



Barrachois United Church

Barrachois ChurchRecords of 1Barrachois Church872 show that the Methodists were planning to erect a church here.  The church was established in 1888. Today, a monument has been erected at the site of the church in honour of the churches founding families.

Brule Union Church

Brule Union ChurchBrule Union church was opened in September, 1898.

Earltown Community Church (former United Church of Canada)

Earltown Community ChurchOn July 21, 19Earltown Community Church35, one hundred years after the building of the first church in Earltown in 1835, a new United Church of Canada was dedicated in Earltown. The church had been built during 1934 and 1935. The land on which the church was built was donated by Mrs. Lillie S. MacKay. Sold in 1993 the church now operates as a community church for the community of Earltown.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Middleton

Holy Trinity Anglican ChurchHoly Trinity AnglicHoly Trinity Anglican Church Cemeteryan church was established in 1875 and consecrated on October 19, 1877.

Knox Presbyterian Church, Earltown

Knox Presbyterian ChurchThe original Knox Presbyterian Church Bellchurch stood on a site across the road from the Presbyterian church of today and it was completed in or about 1837. The first minister was Rev. William Sutherland whose area of service extended as far as West Branch in Pictou County. The new church was originally used by the Kirk and Free Churches, starting when it opened in 1870. The Church was demolished in 2005, the church bell now serves as a monument at the site.

Sharon United Church, Tatamagouche

Sharon United ChurchThis was the fSharon United Churchirst “Willow” church.  In 1852, it was replaced by a second structure, of the same name built near the old site.  The Halifax Herald, in its issue of August 11, 1935, reported that the “historic Willow church” had been destroyed by fire. The church became a Municipally Registered Heritage Property on October 27, 2015.

Union United Church, West Tatamagouche (Bayhead)

Union United ChurchThe Union UnUnion Church Cemeteryited Church was erected at “Guzore, River John Circuit” about 1858. The Union Church Cemetery was incorporated 30 years later in 1884.

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, The Falls (now known as the Balmoral Kirk)

Balmoral KirkThe Kirk was constructed in 1872 and served as the focal point for the rural 

Balmoral Kirk interior

parish of The Falls for many generations. It is located on Highway 311, ten minutes south of the Tatamagouche, at the junction of Highway 256. This building has 20ft high windows, which fills it with natural light and is known for its great acoustics. It was put up for sale and purchased privately in 2009 to save it from potential demolition. Major renovations were then untaken and it officially reopened in 2010 to become, again, a focal point for the area, offering regular concerts.

The Balmoral Kirk maintains a presence on facebook. Their page can be viewed by clicking here.

There is also a blogspot about the restoration project:


The land was part of a grant to the Anglican church and may have been settled about 1820.

Middle Corner

A Roman Catholic church was built here prior to 1875.

New Annan

The frame of a Presbyterian church was erected on April 13, 1842.  By 1878, Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches had been erected within a distance of ¾ of a mile of each other along the Lake Road.  A new Presbyterian church was opened on February 18, 1891.

South Tatamagouche

A Presbyterian church was built in the southern part of the settlement before 1875.

Tatamagouche Mountain

Baptist and Methodist churches were built here prior to 1875.  A Presbyterian church was opened on December 19, 1886.

Waugh River

In 1819-20, the Willow Church was built by Welwood Waugh, but it was neglected and fell into ruins by November, 1833.  The second Willow Church was built in 1852 and was destroyed by fire in 1935.

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