Electoral Districts

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) required every municipality to conduct a boundary review and apply to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB) in 2006 to "confirm or alter the number and boundaries of polling districts and numbers of Council."

The Municipality will retain 11 districts, but all of the boundaries of these districts have been altered. You will find a link to the new electoral district map below. We also published a list of communities which are in the various districts in the March 2008 County Newsletter. You will also find links to the May 2007 and November 2007 decisions of the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

pdf May 2007 Utility And Review Board District Approval (1.1 MB) (1.14 MB)

pdf November 2007 Utility And Review Board Division Approval (1.1 MB) (1.13 MB)

pdf Electoral District Map (1.8 MB) (1.80 MB)

County Council

DistrictCouncillorPhone Number
Mayor Christine Blair 902-895-6537
District 1 Councillor Eric Boutilier 902-890-5866
District 2 Councillor Bill Masters 902-895-0877
District 3 Councillor Geoff Stewart, Deputy Mayor  902-673-3039
District 4 Councillor Mike Cooper 902-671-2854
District 5 Councillor Lloyd Gibbs 902-897-4050
District 6 Councillor Karen MacKenzie 902-895-8930
District 7 Councillor Michael Gregory 902-305-4002
District 8 Councillor Ron Cavanaugh 902-899-1027
District 9 Councillor Bob Pash 902-899-0271
District 10 Councillor Tom Taggart 902-647-2025
District 11 Councillor Wade Parker 902-890-5840

Mailing Address:
Municipality of Colchester
1 Church Street
Truro, NS, B2N 3Z5

Phone and Fax Numbers
902-897-3160 (ph) and 902-843-4066 (fax)

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