Flood Plain Management for the Salmon and North Rivers

Residents of Colchester are well aware of the challenges presented by the Salmon and North Rivers during the spring flood season. Park Street is closed annually and in a bad flood season, Robie Street will also be impacted. To complicate the normal spring run off is the tides which, at high tide, can prevent the flood waters from entering the Cobequid Bay.

floodingIn 1985 the Governments of Canada and Nova Scotia studied the flood plain. The final document included mapping that delineates areas of high and low probability of flooding. These areas are referred to as the 1:20 yr Flood Flow way and the 1:100yr Flood Fringe. The 1:20 is orange on the map and the 1:100 area is yellow.

floodingThe information generated from the Flood Risk Mapping has been incorporated into Colchester's planning documents to ensure new homes are not constructed on the higher risk 1:20 yr flood areas. Some development can occur within the 1:100 yr fringe area provided that measures are taken to flood proof any structures. 

Truro and Area Flood Risk Map.The map above is for information purposes only. If you are considering development of any kind within a designated flood plain, please contact the Community Development Department at 902-897-3170.

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