French River Watershed

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 French River Watershed Resource Guide

The French River, south of Cooper Road, is the water supply area for the Tatamagouche water utility. Recent changes to provincial regulations governing water utilities requires the Municipality to form an Advisory Committee to advise on potential risks to water quality. The provincial water strategy also requires the utility to develop a source water protection plan. The requirements for a watershed plan is flexible enough to allow each plan to be as unique as each water supply area.

A draft watershed plan is provided as part of this web page. The approach being recommended for the French River watershed is that of education/ awareness and to offer proactive assistance that prevents problems before they occur. The Plan provides an overview of the characteristics of the French River watershed and includes community input provided at the Spring 2006 meeting held in Warwick Mountain.

The Plan also recommends 7 implementation steps. Briefly, the recommendations are:

  1. Sample water quality to establish baseline information;
  2. Develop a signage and awareness program;
  3. Create a farm fencing program to re-establish buffers on watercourses where appropriate;
  4. Better understand existing and future impact of forestry activity on the watershed;
  5. Consider incentive program to encourage owners to maintain onsite septic systems on a regular basis;
  6. Create an emergency response plan;
  7. Promotion of municipal solid waste programs.

If you have any questions, please call Crawford Macpherson, Director of Community Development, at 902-897-3170 or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information on the provincial drinking water strategy, follow the link to Drinking Water: NS Environment.

pdf Fench River Watershed (24.66 MB)

pdf French River Watershed Map (9.30 MB)

The maps have been removed from the below document and uploaded separately to reduce file size.

pdf FRW Source Water Management Plan (2.91 MB)

pdf FRW Landscape Map (426 KB)

pdf FRW Soil Class Map (348 KB)

pdf FRW Topology Map (548 KB)

pdf FRW Settlement Map (356 KB)

pdf FRW Forestry Type (792 KB)

pdf FRW Forestry Land Owners (438 KB)

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