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The link below provides a list of the Colchester Solid Waste helpline's Frequently Asked Questions during Covid19.

Colchester Solid Waste Helpline Frequently Asked Questions During Covid19


The Solid Waste Management Department is responsible for processing recyclables, organics and garbage generated within Colchester County, at the Waste Management Facilities, located in Kemptown.

The Waste Reduction Division provides assistance and education to residents and businesses within Colchester County to achieve proper waste separation and diversion.

For more information on our facilities, programs and initiatives, select a link from the side menu or phone the Helpline at 902-895-4777.

PLEASE NOTE: All bagged garbage delivered to the Balefill Facility in Kemptown MUST be in CLEAR Bags.

Colchester Balefill and Composting Facility Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
8:00am to 2:00pm (To the general public).


Colchester Materials Recovery Facility Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

Never miss another Collection Day or Clean Up Week!

We now have a new online customized calendar and reminder service. A collection schedule unique to your home address can be printed, synced with your own electronic calendar, or you can receive weekly reminders by phone, email or Twitter. Get started by typing in your home address below!





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Clear Bags for Garbage Program

Since January 1st, 2012, residents, businesses, institutions and apartments must use clear bags for garbage disposal. It's simple! The colour of your garbage bag changed from dark green or black to a clear, non-coloured bag. Each collection day, households are permitted to place one privacy (solid coloured) bag and up to five additional clear bags at the curb for collection. Blue bags are to be used for recyclables and the green cart for organics. All garbage delivered to the Balefill Facility in Kemptown MUST be in clear bags. This program has helped keep thousands of tonnes of valuable resources out of our landfill.  Thank you for helping make a cleaner tomorrow for all of us!


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