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Baxter Mountain

William Byers built a grist mill on the French River in 1825. He and Robert Byers erected a saw mill in 1827 and added a carding mill in 1832.


A mail steamer was in operation between Brule and Charlottetown in the mid 19th century. Fishing and farming are the main industries.


The Oxford and Pictou section of the Short Line Railway was opened on July 14, 1800. Mr. N. S. Ross was the stationmaster at Denmark station. Passenger service terminated on November 20, 1960. Farming is the basic industry.


One of the first mills was built by Silas Clark and sold to George Irvine before July, 1825. John McKay built a mill about 1825. Farming and lumbering are the main industries.

New Annan

By November 1833 there were about fifty families, two grist mills, three saw mills, and a carding machine in New Annan. A Postal Way Office was established in 1850. Farming, lumbering and milling are the basic industries.


James McNutt’s hotel was built here before 1875. McNutt’s Postal Way Office was opened May 1, 1857 with Adam McNutt as office keeper. It was closed, however, on June 1, 1859, when a new route was established between Truro and Pugwash. Farming and lumbering are the main industries.


Farming was the main industry.


A Post Office was established in 1895. Rural mail delivery was initiated in 1916. Farming is the basic industry. The Cooperative Farmers Trading Co. of Waldegrave was organized in 1905.

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