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District 7

Michael Gregory-District 7

PO Box 77, 56 Blair Avenue
Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia
B0K 1V0

Phone: 902-305-4002
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mike Gregory was first elected to Council in 2012 and is serving his second term as Councillor for District 7.

Mike and his wife Barbara moved to Tatamagouche in 1989.  They have three adult sons and 11 grandchildren.   Mike retired from the RCMP in 1996 after serving more that 25 years.  He went on to work as a Compliance Officer with the Alcohol & Gaming Aughority for over 12 years.  Mike has been actively involved in his community for the past 27 years and has been with 23 various orgainzations around the community.

Prior to being elected to County Council, he was Chairman of the Tatamagouche Village Commission. He is presently the Chairman of Board of Directors of the Tatamagouche Food Bank and is on the Board of Directors of the North Shore Community Development Association. 

About District 7

district 7District 7 is one of the largest in the area and its exposure to the Northumberland Strait makes it a popular spot to build a summer cottage or permanent home. This district features a portion of the Trans Canada Trail and the North Shore Recreation Centre, offering the residents plenty of recreational opportunities. If history is your forte, then this region is a place to see. The Balmoral Grist Mill and the Sutherland Steam Mill are both located in District 7. It is this district that provides our only link to the Strait and to some of the warmest waters north of the Carolinas. The arts and cultural communities are an integral part of this district.

This district is home to Tatamagouche which has appeared on television's OLN's Road Hockey Rumble and most recently, CBC's The Week the Women Went.

Boundary Description

Bounded on the north by Brule Harbour, Amet Sound, Barrachois Harbour, Tatamagouche Bay, the Basin and Adams Creek;

Bounded on the west by the County line;

Bounded on the south by the southern community boundaries of Debert Lake, Byers Lake, Warwick Mountain, Central New Annan, East New Annan, Kavanaugh Mills, West Earltown and Earltown;

Bounded on the east by the County line; and

Is comprised of the Communities of Bayhead, West Tatamagouche, Mattatall Lake, Lake Road, West New Annan, Debert Lake, Byers Lake, Warwick Mountain, Central New Annan, Oliver, Millbrook, French River, Tatamagouche, New Truro Road, Tatamagouche Mountain, East New Annan, Kavanaugh Mills, West Earltown, The Falls, Balfron, Waughs River, Waldegrave, Barrachois, Sand Point, Brule Shore, Brule Point, Brule, Middleton, Keble, Denmark, Balmoral Mills, East Earltown and Earltown.

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