AT Champions

AT Champions are avid walkers, cyclists, in line skaters,skiers, snowshoers, and skateboarders, who demonstrate that active transportation is a fun, meaningful, and safe way to get around in our communities.

Some AT champions are cyclist who bike to work everyday, or students who walk to school, rain or shine. Others are taking the time during their lunch breaks to get out for a nice walk with coworkers, or are biking to the grocery store with their family after work. Whatever the challenge, these AT Champions give newcomers and veterans a like inspiration and motivation to get out there and use active transportation to take them places.

Colchester's First Campus Commuter Challenge Results!!

AT ChampionsA friendly competition between Colchester campuses, The Nova Scotia Agricultural College (NSAC) in Bible Hill and the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) in downtown Truro, reduced greenhouse gas emissions this past September by challenging students, staff, faculty, and alumni to travel in a more sustainable way.

As an event hosted by MoveOn Colchester and sponsored by Clean NS wisertrips project, everyone on the two campuses was encouraged to participate by walking, biking, in line skating, skateboarding, and carpooling throughout the week of September 20-24. With 45 people registered and 28 active participants, the two campuses collectively saved over 600 kg in greenhouse gas emissions, and $400 in fuel costs travelling over 1200 km using active and sustainable transportation choices.

"The challenge motivated me to bike all week, no matter how busy I got, and it made me realize that it really doesn't take that much extra time and can fit into my day easily", said NSAC student Paige Colpitts who tracked over 67 km for the week  cycling to and from her home in Onslow.

"It's been amazing to see the impact of these participants making the simple lifestyle choice of walking to work and biking to school. In just 5 days, 28 people saved over 600kg of greenhouse gas emissions! In a year that adds up to almost 20 tonnes!" said Meghan Summers the project coordinator for the MoveOn Colchester campaign.

Prizes were handed out on the winning NSAC campus. Generously provided by the Clean NS Wisertrips Project students, staff,  and faculty from both campuses all walked away with some very impressive prizes including two pairs of snowshoes, two brand new bikes from Hub Cycle, a pair of in line skates, running shoes gift certificates and bike safety combos.