TAKE NOTICE that on Thursday, April 27, 2023, Council of the Municipality of the County of Colchester approved, by way of Second Reading, Chapter 21 - Dangerous or Unsightly Premises By-law.

The By-law is intended to supplement the MGA process to compel property owners to comply with Dangerous or Unsightly orders and to attempt to prevent dangerous and unsightly situations from persisting through allowances for greater fee recovery by the Municipality and introducing penalties for non-compliance and non-payment of fees.  The By-law also discourages repeat infractions by shortening the timelines for compliance with the orders, while respecting the appeal period requirements of the MGA.

The By-law can be obtained from the Community Development Office, 1 Church Street, Truro, or is available on the County website at https://www.colchester.ca/administration/by-laws.  

Dated May 4, 2023
Rob Simonds
Chief Administrative Officer