Municipal Parkland Strategy

Site PlanBetween 2000 and 2001 Council began to explore meaningful ways to become more involved in recreation in Colchester. Council agreed that the first step was to address the level of maintenance being provided on county owned land. The Municipality has assembled a variety of properties through the subdivision process which are set aside as parkland. Most have been held by the municipality but never developed. In some cases, the parkland appeared to be a derelict parcel of land in a neighbourhood.

Council agreed that the municipality should ensure that parkland is upgraded and maintained to a minimum, acceptable level and that Colchester ensure there is an appropriate level of parkland in our communities.

The Municipal Parkland Strategy was prepared initially as a discussion document for Council. Once adopted in 2001 it has become a guide of staff as the policies are implemented. The Municipal Parkland Strategy is attached along with an appendix from the report entitled Council Direction for Parkland Strategy.


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