Cobequid Trail

Road and Sidewalk Maintenance

Colchester County's road network is maintained by several different groups. The Nova Scotia Department of Transportation owns and maintains the largest portion of the roads in the county, however, the Municipality does own roads throughout the entire county and is responsible for their upkeep. To see a list of roads owned by the County, please click on the following: County Owned Roads

Other roads located in the County are privately owned and are maintained by the citizens. The remaining roads that are found in Colchester are owned and maintained by the Towns of Stewiacke and Truro.

In addition to the roads, the County provides and maintains sidewalks in the more densely populated areas. The sidewalks receive routine maintenance and replacing when necessary. The roads that are maintained by the Municipality's Public Works Department also receive routine maintenance, such as grading, culvert replacement and signage repairs to name a few. The County provides snow removal and salting/sanding during the winter on both its roads and sidewalks.

If you have questions concerning the maintenance of a County owned road or sidewalk please feel free to call 902-897-3175 or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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