Schoolhouses were built in the following areas of South Colchester before South Colchester Academy and other larger schools were built: Birch Hill (1866), Brentwood (1868), Burnside (1874), Cross Roads (1813), East Stewiacke (before 1876), Forest Glen (1877), Goshen (1893), Meadowvale (1866), Middle Stewiacke (1866), Newton Mills (1922), Otterbrook (1866), Pembroke (1873), Pleasant Valley (1846), Smithfield (1874), South Branch, Upper Brookfield (1885), Upper Stewiacke, West Pleasant Valley (1876), and West St. Andrews (1877).


Patrick Ryans was teaching at Brookfield in 1804, the year in which a schoolhouse was built in the community. A new schoolhouse was built about 1881 which was destroyed by fire in November 1902. Consequently, a new school was erected immediately and was completed in 1903. Another new school was built about 1944. The cornerstone of Brookfield Memorial School was laid November 11, 1949 and the building was completed in the spring of 1950. The historic school has since been torn down and replaced by the Brookfield Fire Hall.

Fort Ellis

A schoolhouse was built wqith R. Sibley teach in 1852.

Gays River

A schoolhouse was built in Gays River in 1854 with C. Beckwith as schoolmaster.


The construction of the schoolhouse in Wittenburg began on June 15th, 1967 and was completed by November 16th of the same year.

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