Many of these Schoolhouses are no longer standing or have been converted to community halls.


A school was built by 1845.  “Barrasois” school burned in November 1932 and a new school was erected in 1933.

Baxter Mountain

A new school was erected at Byers Mills in 1873.


Frederick Robinson was schoolmaster at Head of Tatamagouche Bay in 1849.  A frame school-house had been built by 1850.


John McLean was the schoolmaster at Point Brule in 1834. There were two log schoolhouses at Point Brule in 1850.  A schoolhouse was built about 1869 and was condemned in 1895.


Denmark, 1986Denmark SchoolDenmark School was built in 1889. The school building still stands but has not been used in many decades.


In May, 1920, George Ross was the teacher at North Division Earltown and Angus Sutherland was teaching at South Division.  A school built at Earltown was in need of shingles, clapboards, and another window in April, 1845.  The schoolhouse at District #10 burned down on February 20, 1845, and school was not again in operation until April 1.  A schoolhouse had been built at District #13 by 1845.  In 1850, there were two log schoolhouses at South East Earltown and frame schools at Sutherland Settlement, Earltown: Moors Mill, Earltown: McKays Mill, Earltown: the Widow Ross.


A new schoolhouse was built about 1886.

Middle Corner

A log school was built at “River John Road” before 1850.  A schoolhouse standing at the same place was considered unfit for use in 1874.

New Annan

Elizabeth Baxter was the teacher at East New Annan in 1828.  John Currie was teaching at West New Annan in 1829.  A school was built in district number 4 before 1845.  In 1850, there was a log school at East New Annan and a frame school at West New Annan.  A new school was erected at East New Annan in 1877.  At West New Annan, a new school built in 1871 was blown down and rebuilt in 1872.


A schoolhouse was built sometime between 1875 and 1895.  A new school was completed in 1909.


A log schoolhouse was built at “Olivers Bridge” before 1850.

South Tatamagouche

A schoolhouse was built in the southern part of the settlement before 1875.


About 1905 a new schoolhouse was erected at “Forest section district of Stirling”, which may have been here.

Waugh River

Francis Wilson was the schoolmaster here in 1828.  A log schoolhouse was built in 1893.  Another new school was completed about 1903.

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