Bass River

Bass River SchoolBass River SchoolJohn MacLean was schoolmaster here prior to 1790 and a school was built by 1825. Joseph Fulton was the teacher in Bass River district in 1828. The "red" school was built about 1850. A school was built at Little Bass River about 1885. During the winter of 1891-92, Bass River school burned down, and a new one was built by July, 1892. This building burned down in March 1911 and a new two-room school was mostly completed by July, 1912. The fourteen-room West Colchester High School, in use since September 1961, was officially opened May 11, 1962.


A school was built about 1866. Samuel Wilson was the teacher in 1846. Another school was built about 1890.


In 1814 there were two schools in the township of Economy, John Campbell and Walter Nichol were the teachers.  A combined school-hall was built in 1855-56.  A school was erected at "Western Economy"  in 1866.  A new school was built at Central Economy in 1874, burned down in August 1898.  It was rebuilt the next year.  The schools at Upper and Lower Economy were completely removed in 1876.  A new school was erected at Upper Economy in 1913-14.  At Central Economy section a new school was built in 1944.

Five Islands

Former Five Islands ElementaryLower Five Islands SchoolA schoolhouse had been provided "in the centre of the Five Islands" by 1817 and Joseph Scott was schoolmaster from December 27, 1816.  This schoolhouse burned down about 1874 and a new building was erected about 1877. This school, known as Hillside Academy or Five Islands School, operated for 125 years and is now used as a Bazaar. At Lower Five Islands, a school built in the early 1800’s was used until 1912 when a new school was erected.

Folly Lake

Levi Upham was the schoolmaster at Folly Lake in 1832.  A new school was built about 1868.  Another new school was completed in 1909. 


A new schoolhouse was built at Folly Village about 1854.

Great Village

Great Village SchoolA school was established April 1, 1814 with John Grable as schoolmaster and by May 18, 1818 a schoolhouse had been provided.  A log school was constructed in 1832.  Sometime later, another was built for Lower Great Village.  In 1860 a school hall was privately built and rented to the section.  It later was used as a temperance hall and was purchased by Ridgley Lodge I.O.O.F. in 1924.  In January, 1952, a branch of the Colchester-East Hants Regional Library was opened in this building.  In 1873, a new schoolhouse was erected.  It was condemned in 1903 and the new school was opened November 8, 1904.  Corinthian Masonic Hall was built about 1924.  Cobequid Legion Hall was completed and opened on April 20, 1948.


A new schoolhouse was built in 1918 to replace one destroyed by fire in May of that year.


Charles Weaver began teaching at Portapique about October 1812 and by January 1813 a good schoolhouse had been built.  The frame of a new school was erected in 1850 and the building was scheduled for total completion by November 1, 1867.

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