Mayor's Challenge February 2021-Stay tuned!

2020 Mayor's Challenge Winning Team


From left to right: 

 Stephen Forbes, Brenda Forbes, Sandra Langille, Campbell Foote



2019 Undefeated Mayor's Challenge Winning Team 

Curling Archibald Team

From left to right: Elmer Archibald, Mary Johnson, Barb Cox, Doug Cox

Mayor's Challenge

In 2003 the Municipality of Colchester took a stand against the negative health effects of physical inactivity. To set a good example, Mayor Mike Smith challenged himself to increase his daily physical activity and bike the distance across Canada within a year. He extended the challenge to all Colchester County residents.

The Mayor's Challenge initiative in 2003 was a huge success for the residents of Colchester County. Over 500 people challenged themselves to get active and earn enough Mayor Miles to reach a goal destination in Canada such as Winnipeg or Vancouver. Over 200 of those people attended events held during the year such as curling, snowshoeing, softball and skating. Schools across the county also got involved and tracked the students' physical activity throughout the school year.

Over the past several years the Mayor's Challenge has continued to be a huge success. The residents of Colchester County have taken the initiative to make physical activity part of their everyday lives. By joining forces with their friends and family, participants have pushed themselves to reach their goals.


A big congratulations to the 2018 Mayor's Challenge winning team!

From left to right: Barb Cox, Doug Cox, Mary Johnson, Elmer Archibald

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