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The Village of Bible Hill

This village is located on the north side of the Salmon River, at the eastern end of Cobequid Bay, in central Nova Scotia.  Traditionally, the name is supposed to have been prompted by the piousness of the Archibald family, one of the first families to locate there in the 1700’s. The “Hill” was the place where public business was transacted.  Law Offices, Customs House, Court-House, Masonic Hall, and two principle inns were located here.  After 1800, however, business gradually moved to Truro, and the village became primarily a residential community.  In 1953, Bible Hill was incorporated as a village and in the 1960’s either incorporation as a town or amalgamation with Truro was contemplated.  It remains an incorporated village today. Many of the buildings of Bible Hill have a long history and throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries many buildings, which still stand today were constructed in the Village. For more information on Bible Hill, please see the following website, Village of Bible Hill.

altaltA Masonic Hall was erected about 1825-26 and a courthouse was built about 1798 and was used until a new one was built in Truro in 1803. The Bible Hill Fire Hall was erected in 1954. The Nova Scotia Agricultural College(NSAC), now Dalhousie Agricultural Campus, founded on February 14th, 1905 forms a large part of the village. It is the sole university to specialize in agricultural science in Atlantic Canada. For more information on the Agricultural Campus please see their website, Dalhousie Agricultural Campus. The population of Bible Hill in 1956 was 2621 and according to the Village of Bible Hill website, the population today is over 5000 people.


Hill District, TruroDaniel Dickson was schoolmaster at “Hill District, Truro” in 1828, and a schoolhouse was built early before 1837.  The College Road School was built in 1905 and remained open until 1978. East Court School, a two-room school was built on East Court Road in 1947.  Another new school, Central school, was opened in  December, 1950. 


Hill District, TruroThe largest single industry is the Canada Creosoting Company Limited plant which was built in 1923 as a railway tie treating plant. Law Offices, Customs House, Court-House, Masonic Hall, and the two principle inns were located here.  After 1800, however, business gradually moved to Truro, and the village became somewhat of a suburb. The service industries such as stores, garages, restaurants, etc. make up the major part of Bible Hill commerce. The Rockwell Building building on Main Street, featured in the image to the left is an older store that is still in use today.

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