Community Planning

Community PlanningThe planning staff work directly with Council to create policy development and help communities articulate a vision for the community which is captured in Planning Strategies and Land Use bylaws.

When special projects come before Council, such as the Civic Centre, Community Development staff are involved. A number of recent projects are listed on the menu to the left of this page.

Planning Staff is also responsible for administering the Colchester Heritage Property Bylaw, and for promoting heritage conservation in our communities.

Current Applications

PlanningThumbnail2Please click here for an interactive map showing current applications for rezoning, by-law amendments and development agreements.


Statutory or Policy Planning

Community PlanningAs governed under the Municipal Government Act, Colchester is responsible for land use planning. This normally takes the form of planning strategies and land use bylaws. These documents are a method for Council and the community to articulate how and where development should occur in Colchester.

The Planning Strategy is Council's policy document which outlines the vision for growth and development. The Land Use Bylaw implements the policy typically through a series of zones and standards. Development permits are issued prior to the commencement of any development to ensure it is appropriate for the area. Before the Development Officer issues the permit, information is provided concerning such physical concerns as building location, parking and signage.

More complicated development may be permitted through other approval processes such as a site plan approval or development agreement. For more information on the approval precesses, please refer to the Zoning and Development section.

Colchester has two planning strategies and land use bylaws. The Central Colchester Plan applies to the area surrounding the Town of Truro. The second planning strategy and land use bylaw applies to the Village of Tatamagouche.


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