In 2009, Colchester Council adopted a vision statement and guiding principles for a sustainable future for Colchester County. The vision was crafted with inspiration from the United Nations’ guiding principles for sustainable communities known as the Melbourne Principles for Sustainable Cities. As we reflect proudly on the progress we have made, we must shift our attention forward to examine opportunities to further improve our efforts in reducing our carbon emissions in Colchester County, an endeavor that requires unity, commitment, collaboration, and a collective desire to provide a better future for our families, for generations to come. Addressing climate change is more relevant than ever before, as human induced climate change poses risks to health, economic growth, public safety, infrastructure, livelihoods, and the world’s biodiversity and ecosystems as the earth continues to warm at an unprecedented rate.


Community Energy & Emissions Plan 

The Carbon-Free Colchester Community Energy & Emissions Plan is our next big step as a community toward a carbon-free, sustainable, GREEN future. The Plan outlines a pathway to transition Colchester to renewable energy and to reduce the community’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions between now and 2050. While the primary goal of the Plan is to become more energy efficient and reduce our community’s emissions, it is designed to have many economic and social benefits for our community as well.

The Plan includes some key Municipality-led initiatives, but the majority of the Community Energy & Emissions Plan implementation will require resources and leadership from various actors in the community, including utilities, industry, businesses, institutions, and community members. The project team identified a series of actions to help Colchester meet its emissions target of net zero by 2050. These actions were identified through a combination of best practice research, anticipated innovations in industry and technology changes, consultation with the Municipality, experience of the consulting team, and input from the Carbon-Free Colchester Advisory Committee and general public.

Key areas identified in the plan are to improve energy, reduce waste generation and increase the utilization of renewable energy include: Building, Transportation, Water & Waste and Industry.

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Solar Colchester and Cozy Colchester Programs

Solar Colchester and Cozy Colchester are 0% interest financing programs that allow eligible homeowners in Colchester to install photovoltaic solar panels or make energy upgrades to their homes. Improving the energy efficiency of your home can save you money on your power bill and reduce your carbon footprint. Participants can pay for the project over a 10-15 year loan term.

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