Who Owns My Sidewalk?

The County owns and maintains about 33 km of sidewalks throughout Brookfield, Debert, Hilden, North River, Onslow, Salmon River, Truro Heights and Valley.

Sidewalks within the Village of Bible Hill and the Village of Tatamagouche are owned and maintained by their respective Villages.

Truro Road Sidewalk

New sidewalk constructed in 2020 on Truro Road, Hilden

Can I Get a Sidewalk On My Street?

The County’s pdf Active Transportation Strategy (7.27 MB) lists all future new sidewalks.

Can I Get a Crosswalk in My Neighbourhood?

For information on how to request a marked or signed crosswalk in your area, check out the pdf County’s Crosswalk Policy (456 KB) .

Who Plows My Sidewalk?

The County plows all sidewalks in Debert, Brookfield, Hilden, Truro Heights, North River, Onslow, Salmon River and Valley.

Sidewalks in school zones are made a priority whenever possible.

To report any issues with sidewalk plowing, please call 902-897-3175.

Who Pays For Sidewalks? 

Sidewalks are funded by area rates which are paid for by the residents in the surrounding area as part of your property tax bill. For more information on area rates go to tax rates.