Zoning & Development

The Development Control section of Community Development is responsible for the administration of the Central Colchester Land Use By-law, the Subdivision By-law and the Land Lease Development By-law. These are enforced by the Development Officer (DO) and include:

Development Permits - as mandated through the Land Use By-law for the central Colchester area. These permits are issued prior to building permits, ensuring that all internal and external approvals, as necessary, are obtained. These include the Department of Transportation and Public Works, and the Department of Environment and Labour, among others.

Violations of the by-law are investigated as required. Often, they can be resolved between the individual and the DO, but if the violation continues, it may become necessary to take legal action. The legal action may range from a letter from the Solicitor to a decision in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. Maintaining the integrity of the by-law is an important consideration when considering legal action.

The Subdivision By-law is in effect for the entire county and regulates how land may be subdivided, whether it is for one lot or for a new residential subdivision. Also, it ensures that new roads and other services, as available, meet all required standards. In the central area, this by-law corresponds with the Land Use By-law in terms of required lot sizes in the various zones.

Property Status Reports - are written zoning confirmations available to the public at no charge. Most legal firms use this document for property transactions as it ensures the potential purchaser that the property can be used as intended.

  pdf Request a Property Status Report (248 KB)

Contact Us

Contact the Development Officer’s office with your questions about zoning, subdividing land, requirements needed for a development permit, or about the policies or by-laws.

Phone: 902-897-3170
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
In Person: Main floor of the County Courthouse, 1 Church Street, Truro

Zoning Map

View an Interactive Zoning Map. This map is intended to be a graphic representation and any inquiries should be forwarded to our Development Officer in the Community Development Department.

Property Information

The Property Information Department maintains information in a series of database files for end user applications, property queries and decision-making purposes. The department is also responsible for maintaining the civic address databases and mapping for the Emergency 911 System.

Contact the Property Information Department for information about civic numbers or street names, and to learn more about our policies and procedures for the naming and renaming of private and municipal roads.

Phone: 902-843-4169
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
In Person: 1 Church Street, Truro, NS